Why does flooding happen in the valley?  Who is in charge of making sure the streets don’t flood?  What can I do to prevent flooding in my community?  In the drainage module readers learn the basics about why the valley is prone to flooding and what actions they can take to address flooding in their communities.   

Readers will learn about a how water is managed at a local level from understanding the challenges of implementing adequate drainage infrastructure in the valley to learning about different type types of water management systems.  By the end of the module readers will understand what actions they can take to reduce flooding in their neighborhood and which decision makers determine water management at the local levels.  

additional resources

Between 2014-2016, [bc] worked with six different colonias in the Rio Grande Valley to understand the floods in their neighborhoods and to develop schematic designs that used low impact strategies to redirect water. You can read more about the specific needs and solutions developed in these communities here: